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You focus on making your business succeed. We will make sure your computers, networks, internet, websites and mobile devices all support you seamlessly and cost effectively! Let us take care of all of your computer repair and service needs!

Network Pre-Wire & Cabling

Your Company's pre-wire and cabling service needs can be met by the experts at F3 Tech Services. Utilize our team to help prepare for and implement new network cabling and ensure that you connection is solid, stable, and properly installed. Why settle for second best when setting up your company's communicative needs?

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Managed IT Services

Every day, computer viruses, worms, and spyware are sent out to steal information. High-availability internet can create the perfect opportunity for hackers and identity thieves to prosper. Our security experts at F3 know how to prevent these types of attacks on businesses and want to help keep your investments safe.

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Security Cameras

Guaranteeing the security of your company's assets is essential in maintaining a healthy work environment. Make sure that your company's assets are secure by implementing a strategic security system for your business. Don't wait for the unexpected to happen. Prevent risk now, and learn more about our security camera solutions

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VOIP & Phones

The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) team at F3 has an array of business level communication options; including both on premise and hosted VoIP solutions. Let the managed services suppliers and installers at F3 help you choose the best VoIP system for your business. Choose from a variety of solutions.

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About us

In 2004, F3 Tech Services began as a small, residential based IT solutions company located in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas; and now, in 2019, has grown to provide managed IT services to small to medium sized businesses across the great state of Texas. We've expanded our services and reach, and also offer same-day on-site computer support. Our services include system security and online privacy solutions, hardware and software repairs and troubleshooting, wireless equipment and network installations, spyware and virus prevention/removal, data backup and recovery, VoIP communications, as well as other forms of on-site computer support that meet today's increasing demand.

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Years in Business

Satisfied Clients

Solutions Provided

Projects Completed

  • Anti-Virus and Internet Security Solutions
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • High Speed Cable DSL Modem Setup
  • Network Pre-Wire & Cabling
  • Office Relocation and Setup
  • Security Camera Installation
  • Shared Internet Home Office Solutions
  • Troubleshoot and Repair
  • VOIP & Phones
  • Wireless Networking
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